I've been working with this company over the past year quite a bit and am excited to share that I have officially been chosen as an ATHLETA AMBASSADOR!!!

What does this mean?? Basically I will now be SUPER involved in all things Athleta and keep you all in the "know" of all the fun events, promos, and of course discounts too! If you don't know too much about Athleta.. here are a few reasons why I LOVE this company and wanted to be involved with what they are doing!

* Its all about THE POWER OF SHE.. women empowerment, lifting each other up, cheering each other on, and combating the world together as women rather than comparing, passing judgement or undermining. I've always had a heart for working with women and building self-esteem to combat negativity, especially at a young age where eating disorders, bullying, and depression can start developing. Athleta has worked with organizations like Girls on the Run to help reach this age group with positivity, exercise, a…

At Home Workouts

How many of you have tried at-home workouts? Or perhaps considered working out at home, but didn't know how to even get started? At-home workouts are AWESOME, especially if you don't have a gym membership, limited access to childcare, or simply just want to do something active spontaneously.. at home, at the park, or shoot.. at the beach (it IS summer now right!?) Don't know how to get started? Here are a few tips to get you moving :)

Here are a couple KEY notes for you when working out from home!

*First, Pick a Workout*  There are many resources for at-home workouts these days! First, chose what you feel like working: legs, upper body, core, full body, or perhaps its a day for yoga or pilates! Next, you can look to On-Demand workouts on TV, follow along a You-tube workout video, or even write down exercises you've seen on other IG pages and create your own. Still need help? I offer an online Bikini Bod Squad 8-week program, 3 videos a week that you can sweat along to!!


Why Bikini Bod Squad WORKS

The Facts
So just what is this Bikini Bod Squad program?? And what's the huge craze about it?
I think I'll start by saying, a strong fitness program is only as successful as the instructors passion behind it. I BELIEVE in my program. Mainly because it worked and has continued to work for me. I created it as I was getting back into shape postpartum and have been modifying and tweeking it with every bit of feedback I get from my participants. I want women to feel like they CAN get back to their postpartum shape and strength, if not STRONGER than before kids! I also strive to break the barriers of what is holding these ladies back, and to put themselves first for maybe the first time in years or perhaps ever! Do you have to be a mama? Absolutely not, this program is for all women 14 years and up, but since I personally had to adapt to the new physical elements of being a new mama,  I have a huge heart for and can empathize, modify, and adjust for postpartum mamas! I honestly was …

Nice to meet you!

It's really been on my mind to start a blog so that my clients, friends, family, neighbors or even just onlookers can be satisfied knowing that .. no, there is no such thing as being born fit, with a desire to always eat healthy or with a burning motivation to constantly workout. I mean.. look far right in this pic.. does that look like a kid with a fit, motivated gene?

With that said, personally, I've always WANTED to be fit (I mean, who doesn't?) but starting out, I didn't quite know how to do it right. In Jr High & High School, I decided my number one goal and focus was to become fit & slender and I'd know this was achieved when I had a killer six-pack! Like the one I saw on my moms Denise Austin or Taebo workout videos ;) My game plan to achieve this as a 14 year old: just eat non-fat things, then for sure I wouldn't gain or have any fat! You can picture my confusion when my belly would bloat up from my breakfast, lunch, and dinner of dried fruit, lo…