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Nice to meet you!

It's really been on my mind to start a blog so that my clients, friends, family, neighbors or even just onlookers can be satisfied knowing that .. no, there is no such thing as being born fit, with a desire to always eat healthy or with a burning motivation to constantly workout. I mean.. look far right in this pic.. does that look like a kid with a fit, motivated gene?

With that said, personally, I've always WANTED to be fit (I mean, who doesn't?) but starting out, I didn't quite know how to do it right. In Jr High & High School, I decided my number one goal and focus was to become fit & slender and I'd know this was achieved when I had a killer six-pack! Like the one I saw on my moms Denise Austin or Taebo workout videos ;) My game plan to achieve this as a 14 year old: just eat non-fat things, then for sure I wouldn't gain or have any fat! You can picture my confusion when my belly would bloat up from my breakfast, lunch, and dinner of dried fruit, lo…