Why Bikini Bod Squad WORKS

The Facts

So just what is this Bikini Bod Squad program?? And what's the huge craze about it?

I think I'll start by saying, a strong fitness program is only as successful as the instructors passion behind it. I BELIEVE in my program. Mainly because it worked and has continued to work for me. I created it as I was getting back into shape postpartum and have been modifying and tweeking it with every bit of feedback I get from my participants. I want women to feel like they CAN get back to their postpartum shape and strength, if not STRONGER than before kids! I also strive to break the barriers of what is holding these ladies back, and to put themselves first for maybe the first time in years or perhaps ever! Do you have to be a mama? Absolutely not, this program is for all women 14 years and up, but since I personally had to adapt to the new physical elements of being a new mama,  I have a huge heart for and can empathize, modify, and adjust for postpartum mamas! I honestly was fearful that I would never feel the same in my body after having my daughter, and that fear DROVE me to prove myself wrong. I did. And I know I am not alone in that fear, so I want to share with as many women as I can!! Its all possible friends!! So yes, if you were wondering, I AM extremely passionate about this program because it has shown & proven to work.

  10 months postpartum before the start of my program & only doing cardio (Feb 2017) VS (July 2017) 15 months postpartum & completed my 8-week beginner program TWICE because its addicting and halfway through my advanced program here.
-Shannon Larsen, Program Creator 

"When I first started Bikini Bod Squad in May 2017, I couldn't even do a full sit up or push up. Today, almost a year later, I've lost 25+ pounds and am down two jean sizes. This class has changed my life. Thanks Shannon!"
-Jess, Program Participant

"I started 2018 weighing so much that I felt uncomfortable and so awful about myself. My clothes didn’t fit and I’d wear multiple layers to hide my body, even on the red carpet. As an actor I’m always auditioning and I knew I had to lose the weight. When I landed the lead in a musical I had to make changes to improve my body and life. After 14 weeks of BikiniBodSquad classes and eating healthy I not only am down from a size 14 to a size 6 but I can sing better and for longer and I can actually do multiple pushups and sit-ups (something I could not do when I first joined the program). My core and body is SO much stronger and fitter now! And best of all I now feel great about my body and have the confidence that I didn’t before! I’m ready for those lead roles as an agent or cop chasing down the bad guys!"
-Stacey Fairley, Program Participant

As mentioned, I have been continuously making little changes as I get feedback but here are a few things that you can expect every time.

*It's an 8 week program 
*We meet 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
*Monday- Legs & Cardio, Wednesday- Arms & Abs, Friday- Full Body
* Every workout is no longer than 45 minutes, 10 minutes- warmup & prep, 30 min workout, 5 minutes stretch.
*Theres a beginner class & advanced class
*Beginner meets at 12pm, and is TRULY for beginners. Its designed to build foundation, establish an exercise routine into your schedule, and work from square one with exercises to ensure proper form and prevent injury. 
*Advanced meets at 11am, and is for those that already have a fitness foundation, are looking to breakthrough plateau and add some increased intensity into their fitness routine. 
* Both classes will help burn fat, build lean muscle, create a community of encouragement with like-minded women, and gain a confidence in your own skin that no one can break.
*$300 for members, $350 for non-members--- includes all 24 sessions.
*Lastly, and maybe the most important... FREE childcare is provided for one child (which is usually a HUGE barrier from many of the mamas I've heard from)

The Bread & Butter of the class.. The Format!
--One reason why I believe this class is the most successful is the simplicity of the format. How does it work? 

*There are always 2 circuits on the board when you walk into class.
*In each circuit there are 4 exercises that work the muscles for the designated day.. Monday (legs & cardio) will be exercises that focus on the glutes, hamstrings, quads, hips, thighs, as well as a couple cardio moves. 
*Each circuit is 7 minutes long
*You rest between each circuit for 45-90 seconds
*You repeat each circuit 2X's, alternating.
*And thats 30 minutes!
*Before starting class, I will ALWAYS review the moves and demonstrate how each move should be done, with correct form vs. incorrect. 

**Advanced class only will end with a finisher, usually 1-2 minutes of an intense exercise or series of exercises to ensure your muscles are completely "done"! 

Those that sign up for the program can expect all of the above, as well as "homework" that will change weekly and give clear instruction on how to get the most out of your 8-week program. ALSO, you'll receive a free Nutrition seminar scheduled with the class by our onsite nutritionist, Laura Hsu, and a FREE Bikini Bod Squad tank top. 

But honestly, the most important part is that if you put the time in, you will feel the best you have ever felt & gain a few friends along the way!!!

If you are interested in trying out a class for free, I am hosting FREE classes NEXT WEEK. Mon (7/9), wed (7/11) & fri (7/13) @11am (advanced) & 12pm (beginner) at AVAC, 5400 Camden Ave. San Jose, CA 95124. Contact me for more information (bikinibodsquad@gmail.com) or if you'd like to get on the list for any of those days/times let me know ASAP since I can only take a limited amount of ladies per class due to space! I'd love to see you there!!!


For more information you can find me on AVAC's website www.avac.us/bbs or on AVAC's blog www.avaclife.com


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