I've been working with this company over the past year quite a bit and am excited to share that I have officially been chosen as an ATHLETA AMBASSADOR!!!

What does this mean?? Basically I will now be SUPER involved in all things Athleta and keep you all in the "know" of all the fun events, promos, and of course discounts too! If you don't know too much about Athleta.. here are a few reasons why I LOVE this company and wanted to be involved with what they are doing!

* Its all about THE POWER OF SHE.. women empowerment, lifting each other up, cheering each other on, and combating the world together as women rather than comparing, passing judgement or undermining. I've always had a heart for working with women and building self-esteem to combat negativity, especially at a young age where eating disorders, bullying, and depression can start developing. Athleta has worked with organizations like Girls on the Run to help reach this age group with positivity, exercise, and community!

* Their clothes are amazing.. DUH! ;) But for real.. not only cute styles, sustainable fabrics, and flattering designs.. one of the reasons I love their clothes is that you usually have to size DOWN. You heard me right. Instant self-esteem booster right there. Most of the time I have to go a full size down! Its pretty much my whole wardrobe at this point ;)

*Eco-Friendly.. Athleta is a Certified BCorporation! What does this mean.. basically it means Athleta is held to the highest standard of verified performance and transparency while legally required to consider how the business is constantly affecting workers, the environment, customers and the community. Its not just about profit, its about balancing profit and purpose. Our world is in grave need of companies like this that consider the environment as an equal to the success of their business. It also means much more, and if you are curious.. check out.. https://bcorporation.net/b-economy

*Community-life- You can expect a LOT more FREE Bikini Bod Squad events sponsored by Athleta either at Athleta in Valley Fair, held at Almaden Valley Athletic Club, or perhaps at YOUR workplace!! Athleta will provide some fun little giveaways, snacks, possibly shop cards and depending on the event.. even goodie bags! If you are interested in one of these fun events hosted at your workplace, message me and we can figure out how we can make it work!!

Excited and looking forward to what this year will bring!! Join me in the adventures!!!


For more information you can find me on AVAC's website www.avac.us/bbs or on AVAC's blog www.avaclife.com


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